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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we figured there must be a way to revolutionize the exchange of payments in today’s marketplace. SoftPoint, an expert in card-present and integration solutions for the hospitality market, has now created TAPPoint with an entire suite of products to tackle payments in our current “Bring Your Own Device” society without the dependency on terminals.

The following listed below are the three main solutions offered by TAPPoint:


In order to simplify payments on eCommerce sites and to secure them further, TAPPoint created the ability to simply call one API that returns a tokenized QRCode. Our patented technology then allows the user to make a secure payment using their own Smartphone.

Here is how it works; The QRCode we return has a stored link. The user can then take their phone and scan the QRCode with their camera. This will take the user to a secure browser payment page on their phone. The user can then pay with their mobile wallet or with a slew of other payment options. Once the Payment is completed TAPPoint replies to the eCommerce site with the validation of the payment.

  • As compared to any other 3rd party payment integration, TAPPoint allows you to use your current merchant account so you can benefit from your current relationship.
  • The need to reenter data on every eCommerce website is eliminated as TAPPoint will send back to the website the customer information. This way the payment process overall experience is more efficient and faster.
  • TAPPoint secures the site by positioning the consumer Smartphone using location tracking. This ensures that the consumer is where they say they are when making the purchase further securing eCommerce payments.

TAPPoint eCommerce can be setup and configured on your website in less than one hour. Contact us to learn more.

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Card Present

TAPPoint is designed to work in any business that accepts customer facing payments. We provide the merchant with FREE stands that can be placed on the counter of your store. As well we have put our labels on Restaurant Tables, Pool chairs, Arena seats, etc. We also produce stands that can be taken and placed on a table or put in front of a customer in a bar or lounge.

Regardless of how you come across our TAPPoint label, to use it simply open your camera and scan them. Immediately the user is taken to a secure website where they can simply press one button to pay. Then TAPPoint, using its patented technology, integrates to the merchant’s operating system and applies the payments. We can work with Retail, Restaurant, Hotel, Medical and practically any system out there.

  • TAPPoint takes advantage of mobile wallets but can allow the customer to make a payment regardless, even if they don’t have a mobile wallet.
  • Our solution integrates into your operating system, the payment and even any tips or discounts will be seamlessly posted on the check of the customer and if the balance is zero it can also close it out.
  • SoftPoint is integrated to many different payment facilitators, TAPPoint allows you to make Credit Card Payments as well the ability to use Gift Cards, PayPal, Venmo, and other forms of payment.

Setting up TAPPoint for your card present needs is simple. Simply contact us and we will review your business requirements and get you what you need to have you up and running in no time.


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TAPPoint originally was created to service the unattended market. Our solution allows merchants to have customers use a preassigned wristband or white-label mobile wallet to make payments. Our most publicized user of TAPPoint is at VyStar Arena where we created a system with Tended Bar. The system works hand and hand with our SoftPoint ePAT Point of Sale and our DATAPOINT Payment Solution. We start by scanning a customers' license to verify their age, then enter their credit card and issue them a wristband. The process takes less than 30 seconds. The customer can now use the wristband without assistance on Tended Bar.

With the call for 'social distancing' our solution minimizes coming in contact with the least number of public use surfaces. TAPPoint has created an entire line of solutions for businesses to implement. Our solution can be used at conferences, concerts, cafeterias, schools, healthcare, arena or practically anywhere you would like to speed up the payment process.

  • Our unattended system can work on an open loop or closed loop environment. We can process an at-the-moment payment or we can do recurring incremental authorizations and one final sale at a specific time.
  • Our wristbands or any of our wearables work hand in hand with our Wallet. Our wallet allows the user to add money to their account, see their activity and share their wallet with anyone they wish.
  • TAPPoint can process payments on our Payfac allowing you to offer multiple merchant accounts or we can drill down and use the merchants pre-established merchant account.

Contact us today to create your own unattended or hybrid attended solution.

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The TAPPoint Wallet is now made available to millions of clients that request a receipt by text message on any SoftPoint Platform. Our Wallet can be white-labeled to corporations, marketing companies, associations, franchisors or any business that requires it. Here are a few features you will find in our TAPPoint Wallet.


Make payment from any TAPPoint QRCode or any request you receive. Simply one-button pay allows you to TAP and pay instantly without using a payment device.


Store all your receipts in or one single platform regardless of who you paid or how you paid. Just use your phone number to link them all to your wallet.


Communicate with your friends and family on our secure messaging platform. Send money and verify that monies have been paid all through our Wallet.


TAPPoint give you the ability to transfer and top-off your favorite Gift Card and also transfer money to anyone securely.

TAPPoint Resllers


The process is very simple.

To use our stand or QRCode labels. Simply contact us with the form below. We will get back to you to setup your account and send you what you need. Once you receive it just set it up and your ready to start taking payments.

If you want to also use our Tokenized eCommerce Solution. Simply put us in contact with whoever manages your website. There is only one REST API you will need to call and add to your payment page. Takes the average developer less than 30 minutes to do.

Contact us today to learn more on how you can take Mobile Wallet payments and streamline your eCommerce site.

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