The following page was designed for you to be able to make a payment on your own from the various methods we allow the user to make payment on. Try the one that most fits your requirements.

Counter Service

TAPPoint patented process allows a customer to be able to scan a static QRCode from a distance in order to make a ContactFree integrated payment.


In order to expedite service and give consumes more options, TAPPoint allows you to add the QRCode to the receipt that the customer can just scan and pay.

Table / Chairs

Simple place a label on your tables, areas, lounge chairs, bar stools, etc. Even at the entry of the line for a customer to order and pay.


SoftPoint has total revolutionist eCommerce by add a smart QRCode that allows the customer to scan and make a payment on their smartphone and then fill of the information.


Seen anyone via SMS a request for payment. When the customer receives it then just press on the link and use the same process to finalize the payment.

On Glass

Finally, we allow customer to make a payment on a payment device or right on the point of sales system. Simple display the QRCode to the customer and have them scan and pay.